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Oscar Wilde In America

oscar wilde's 1882 lecture tour of america

Joliet, IL

The Decorative Arts* | Opera House | Monday, March 6, 1882

* See Clarification below.



Newspaper listing

The New York Mirror, March 11, 1882, p.5 [1]


[1] The New York Mirror - subtitled 'A Reflex of the Dramatic Events of the Week' was a gazette of theatrical listings, in this case after the date of Wilde's lecture.


Newspaper article

The Ottawa Free Trader, March 11, 1882, p.8



As to lecture title

No record is currently available for the title of the lecture Wilde gave in Joliet, although The Decorative Arts was the one he was giving immediately before and after.

See also note at Dubuque.

historical note

Opera House
Chicago and Clinton Streets [1], NW corner, Joliet, IL

Built: 1873
Opened: February 3, 1874
Seating: 950
Destroyed (fire): March 18, 1891
Replaced: 1892 on the same site with a new opera house with a turreted corner

[1] of Joliet limestone from the quarries of William Davidson


‪Joliet News Historical Edition‬, ‪Will County Historical Society‬, 1884 - ‪Joliet (Ill.), p. 35


No record is currently available as to whether Wilde stayed overnight in Joliet. It is entirely possible he traveled on early by train to Jacksonville, IL, a journey of some 200 miles, where he lectured the following evening.

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