Oscar Wilde In America

A Selected Resource Of Oscar Wilde's Visits To America

A Love Agony

A cartoon by George Du Maurier.

George du Maurier parody of the Aesthetic Movement


(With Verses by Jelleby Postlethwaite, who is also said to have sat for the Picture.)

Punch, June 5, 1880, p. 254

The cartoon depicts an androgynous Wildean figure coupled with allusions to Wilde and Whistler such as the butterfly motif and the W configuration of the bird. The cartoonist, George du Maurier, continued his parody of the Aesthetic Movement with imaginary characters including Maudle, Postlethwaite, Grigsby, Prigsby et al. In an interview shortly after his arrival in America, Oscar told the press: “I suppose that I am the original of Maudle, the poet.” [1] Wilde was in error: Postlethwaite was the poet, and Maudle the artist.


The Colonel


James McNeil Whistler

George du Maurier

[1] New York Tribune, January 8, 1882, 7. 

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