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Oscar Wilde In America

a selected resource of oscar wilde's visits to america

Denver, CO

The Decorative Arts | Tabor Grand Opera House | Wednesday, April 12, 1882



Newspaper Report

Rocky Mountain News, (Denver) April 13, 1882, 1



Newspaper Item

Rocky Mountain News, (Denver) April 11, 1882, 1


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Newspaper Report

"Art and Aesthetics", Denver Tribune, April 13, 1882, 8

"...he was exactly thirty minutes behind the usual time [owing to a train delay] for raising the curtain at the Tabor Grand Opera house."

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Mrs J. Comyns Carr: Reminiscences. 1925.  Edited by Eve Adam. London: Hutchinson. pp.127-8.

Wilde’s Denver admirers entertained him to lunch in the local hotel.  It boasted a French chef, who took great pains with the menu and insisted on including a dish of frogs. Some of the guests, consulting their own tastes and mindful of the story of the lily, demurred at pandering to the grosser side, but in the end the dish appeared, and passed for an entrée of young chickens.  These matters were, however, lost on Wilde, of whom it is suitably recorded that he was “rather vague and pre-occupied, but very affable; and everyone pronounced themselves charmed and intrigued”.

historical note

Tabor Grand Opera House (and hotel)
outhwest corner of Sixteenth and Curtis Streets, Denver, CO

Built: 1880-81 (W.J. Edbrooke, F. P. Burnham, Chicago, IL, for Horace A. W. Tabor)
Opened: 1881
Remodeled: 1921 (as a movie theater)
Demolished: 1964
Site now occupied by: a bank




Wilde's second lecture in Denver three days later.

Wilde also appeared at another Tabor Opera House on the following evening when he lectured in Leadville, CO.


Windsor Hotel
Northeast corner of 18th and Larimer Streets, Denver, CO


Built: 1879-80 (James Duff)
Opened: June 23, 1880
Demolished: 1960s
Replaced by: a parking lot

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