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Oscar Wilde In America

a selected resource of oscar wilde's visits to america

Macon, GA

The Decorative Arts | Ralston Hall | Monday, July 3, 1882



Newspaper Report

Macon Telegraph and Messenger, July 4, 1882, 1

"Oscar Wilde Last Night

...his mannerisms, his awkwardness, his semi-languid attitudinizing, and, more than all, his ungainly shape and long hair, were obstacles in the way of admiration, while his utter absence of that essential to all lecturers, humor, put an air brake to anything like applause."

This newspaper also reported the venue as Ralston Hall.


Newspaper Item

Columbus Enquirer-Sun , July 2, 1882, 3


historical note

Ralston Hall*
Corner of Third and Cherry Streets, Macon, GA

Built: 1858 (L.A. Ralston)
Seating: c. 900-1000
Destroyed (fire): January 13, 1886

* a.k.a. Ralston's Hall; cf. previous chronologies misspell the name as Rolston.

Currently no other details of Wilde's stay in Macon.

Welcome O. Wilde

A local bard welcomes Oscar to Macon.

The True Citizen
(Waynesboro, GA), July 14, 1882, 1

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