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Oscar Wilde In America

oscar wilde's 1882 lecture tour of america

Hartford, CT

The English Renaissance | Opera House | Thursday, February 2, 1882



Newspaper reports

The New-York Herald Feb 3, 1882


Hartford Daily Courant Feb 3, 1882

A little after 8 o'clock a tall, long-haired, loose-jointed young man in evening dress walked out upon the stage of the opera house. He was alone. Bowing slightly to the audience, he made his way directly to the high music-stand doing duty as reading desk, spread his lecture before him and began reading.


Printed announcement


Source: from the private collection of Michael Seeney.

historical note

Opera House
937 Main Street, Hartford, CT

Opened: 1869
Demolished: c. 1900

According to the Connecticut Historical Society the hall where Wilde lectured would have been Roberts Opera House, the most important theater in Hartford at the time of Wilde’s visit.



Wilde's Supper

Notwithstanding the frivolous exaggeration with Wilde's aesthetic pose typical in American journalism at the time, this report appears genuine in its detail—at least in as much as Wilde's hotel in Hartford.


The New North-West
, Deerfield, MT, March 10, 1882, 1

United States Hotel and Honiss Oyster House, State Street, Hartford, CT
(see note above about Wilde's oyster supper)

Source: The Connecticut Historical Society

historical noteS

United States Hotel
26 State Street, Hartford, CT


Honnis Oyster House closed on March 1, 1982 after 137 years of operation.

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